The Services We Provide

Freeze Dry Industries (FDI) is a modern manufacturing facility that uses the latest technology freeze dryers built in Australia. Freeze drying of fresh fruits, vegetables and other raw materials adds enormous value in terms of long shelf life, light weight and preserved nutrition.


Our process is 100% natural.  No additives, preservatives or chemicals!


The state of the art factory is right in the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Yandina, Queensland. It is the first of its kind acting not only as a manufacturer but also a showroom for products, equipment and innovation.

Freeze Dry Services

Freeze Dry Industries provides contract freeze drying for customers. Raw food producers, marketers and food innovators may utilise our world's best freeze drying process for their unique product needs. Please inquire by using the contact us form and our team will be in touch very soon. 

Our Retail Products

Our retail arm, SunLife Superfoods, stocks a range of fabulous freeze dried fruit snacks with absolutely no added anything.

Quality Control

We are constantly checking and reviewing our production systems and processes to ensure best practice. The group entities are HACCP certified and go through an annual audit of compliance overseen by our Production Manager.

Freeze Dry Industries  | 64 Industrial Place | Yandina, Queensland 4561


+61 7 5472 8040