Company History

Freeze Dry Industries (FDI) was founded by Michael Buckley in 2015.


Innovation has always been Michael's driver and this led him to use his skills to conduct research and development into freeze drying for Agribusiness. That process in turn developed into a fully blown business plan to take this unique Australian freeze drying technology and products to the Agribusiness industry.


FDI is uniquely positioned to create a new Australian industry in commercial freeze drying. This brilliant technology adds enormous value to otherwise perishable foods, and right through the Agribusiness chain.


FDI thus becomes part of the greenhouse solution rather than adding to the problem.


In addition, a remote controlled Software As A Service (SAAS) Operations System has been developed to ensure the integrity and consistency of all production innovation, needs and capabilities.


FDI was launched with a new purpose built facility on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with 5 x 1 tonne capacity Freeze Dry machines. The Yandina factory offers contract services and is focusing on future product development.


FDI also have a manufacturing arm, SunLife Superfoods, that produces  a range of healthy snack foods and ingredients. All goods are processed 100% naturally and without the use of any additives such as preservatives, flavors or colors. This product integrity appeals enormously to the rapidly growing health conscious, superfood and organic markets both domestically and overseas.


FDI is totally committed to sharing the benefits of this innovation throughout the Australian horticultural Agribusiness chain. The company stands to significantly increase its process capability and enhance the sustainability of rural agriculture.


This state of the art facility will also act as a showcase for operations and R & D innovation and will potentially be the catalyst for more sites across the region and Australia.

Freeze Dry Industries  | 64 Industrial Place | Yandina, Queensland 4561


+61 7 5472 8040