Energy & Environment

Innovative, energy efficient, sustainable.


Words often bandied about but words that Freeze Dry Industries take seriously. These four words have become the foundation of our philosophy and technological developments. Our freeze drying technology differs from imported technologies as the systems have much lower power requirements to run. 


We are constantly pushing the boundaries in being clean and green and one day hope to be completely portable and solar! If that wasn’t enough we are the only commercial capacity freeze drying machine and system that is fully made in Australia.


Low temperature freeze drying is a very complex set of variables that can (if done poorly or with inferior equipment)  easily destroy the integrity  (size, shape, color, taste, texture, nutrition) of the foods being processed. 


High temperature is the known enemy of fresh foods. So to maintain and maximise the nutrients and vital elements of the raw material great care must be taken to control all batch processing factors. 


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