Freeze Dry Industries are excited to announce that they are now offering two pet products to the market.

For those of you that love to pamper your four - legged friends, we can assist.

With absolutely no additives, these nutritional supplements offer great health benefits to your pets.

The Ultimate Protein Product for your pets - 12 x 125g packs

Protein is an essential ingredient in any pet's diet; supplying amino acids that build fur, skin, muscles, ligaments and cartilage.


With an incredible 97% protein, no fat and less than 1% carbs, this protein supplement is a vital addition to any pet's meal.


100% Australian freeze dried beef blood with absolutely nothing added. Nothing! No artificial colours, flavours or additives.


Simply shake product over your pet's meal for a nutritional boost.


Supplement comes in 125g shakers, 12 shakers to a box. Please note only a complete box can be posted.

Please select 'Pack of 12' in the drop down menu below when ordering.


  • 2.2 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

"We all know cats can be a bit stand off-ish and too high and mighty with meals (well, everything) at times. This product has taken my 'not-so-interested in biscuits' cat to a 'can't get to the bowl quick enough' cat. She obviously loves the smell and taste and will actually finish her meals. Knowing what a great nutritional boost it is and the fact that it's so high in protein makes me feel great about giving it to her. Her coat has never looked so shiny!"

Bob S - Eumundi

Always consult your Pet Health professional.

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