What We Do

Freeze Dry Industries are a complete solutions provider.


We not only offer contract freeze drying for many of Australia's leading superfood businesses, we also offer different resources enabling you to get your new products to market.  You can enlist us to help with one or all of the steps below.


Please contact us today to see how we can help.

Research & Development for New Products


Freeze Dry Industries excel with working with clients to bring new ideas to life. We can take your idea through to completion of finished product to offer to  market, or simply help trialing an innovative new idea. Previous small scale trials have included:

  • Freeze drying of ice-cream, cheese, camel milk
  • Freeze drying of supplementary pieces of fruit and vegetables – for example skins, cores and pips/stones
  • Freeze drying of various fruits and vegetables for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical uses



Storage: We have a contract with a local cold storage business to economically and efficiently handle cold and frozen product coming in to our facility.


Processing: We encourage receiving product in its ready to freeze dry format, ideally as IQF.


Freeze Drying: We currently house 5 one-tonne state of the art 100% Australian freeze drying machines. Our machines are extremely low energy and environmentally friendly. Our system has inbuilt automated batch reporting which means that you have real time evidence of your critical processing controls.


Milling: If you need your freeze dried product powdered, we have several milling machines available.  Powdered products could be used in smoothies, pharmaceutical or cosmeceutical products, ice creams, desserts or many other uses.

Packaging and Packing


We can meet our customer needs on a case by case basis for packaging and packing. You tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen!



Whether you need your final product delivered to your own or your customer’s warehouse, we can do both.

Quality Statements


Freeze Dry Industries are accredited with Safe Food, HACCP and certified to produce Organic and Bio-Dynamic products.


In addition we can offer clients a Certificate of Analysis on completion of the trial batch.


Please contact Freeze Dry Industries using the contact form below or simply call directly and we'll discuss your specific needs and intentions. We have thousands of batches of experience to draw on to assist and ensure that we are producing the best quality freeze dried products for your business.

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